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No, our standard contract is a 30-day rolling contract. We believe that we don’t need to tie you into complicated long-term contracts. If you would like us to provide you with something a little longer term, we would be more than happy to sort this out for you.

There is a minimum pallet quantity of 50 pallets. (Subject to negotiation)

We can currently accept Standard 1200×1000 and Euro 800×1000 pallets.

We are unable to store the following item’s;
• Hazardous chemicals
• Food and perishable goods
• Combustible or flammable materials
• Glass products
• Fireworks and ammunitions

Maximise the pallet storage

Properly Organise Pallets:
Understand Your Provider’s Limitations:
Regularly Audit Your Inventory:

Excellent and professional service, Would highly recommend!

Pallet Storage Solutions - UK

The Leader in Pallet Storage Solutions in Manchester

MSL (UK) Ltd, a top-tier 3PL Logistics and Warehousing company, boasts an expansive storage capacity exceeding 210,000 sq ft, strategically located in the heart of Greater Manchester.
Offering an extensive suite of services, we specialise in seamless pick-and-pack operations, proficient re-work, efficient distribution, secure document archiving, and top-notch, easy-to-access secure storage solutions.

Yes, we offer any collection or delivery services.

Max Pallet size height up to 1800mm

Please complete the quotation form for charges by clicking the link Pallet Quotation

Yes we are using third party company for environmental controls. Pestech Enviroment

Building 2 – Signalling on the intruder alarm System – Redcare Essential Extra – Connected with Level 1 Police Response.

Building 3 – Signalling on the intruder alarm system – Webway Dual 3G – Connected with Level 1 Police Response.

Both building have CCTV Cameras Inside & Outside the building

For Building 2 – 60,941 sq ft

For Building 3 – 149,719 sq ft

Ideally, we need a notice of 24 hours. However, we can accommodate when there is an urgent request.
There is no SAP visibility. However, we are using WMS to control the stock and ledgers.
Building 2-3, Mosley Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1NB
MSL UK LTD own the buildings. We don’t share with any third-party company, and we lock both main entrance ourselves with above alarm systems.
You can have access to your pallets by making an appointment.

MSL UK Ltd - Manchester

Pallet Storage Warehouse in UK

Discover Pallet Storage, and 3PL Warehouse Company in Manchester. Feel free to contact 24/7.