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Container Handling Services

Manchester's finest container handling facilities

MSL UK Ltd has the facilities to offload, palletize and distribute your products across the country.

As a leading 3PL fulfilment provider, MSL integrates with the biggest and most renowned carriers to ship online orders worldwide.

Container Loading and Unloading

Container Loading and Unloading For Delivery

Container handling is a staple of our business. Our staff is experienced in offloading 20ft and 40ft containers and palletizing them by style or color, depending on the requirements of the customer. We have forklifts available on-site to reload onto containers and domestic carriers.

We provide a variety of recycled and recyclable packaging and void fill options as standard, depending on the size of your products and orders. Boxes, book wraps, and mailing bags fall under this category.

Each packing slip and shipping label is personalized with the name and contact information of your company. As a result, neither you nor your clients will be aware that a third party is managing your pick, pack, and delivery.

You will also have the choice to use fully branded, custom packaging if you process more than 1,000 orders per month.

Palletized Inventory

Storing and transporting products

Storing and transporting products in pallets is vital for perishable goods. Palletizing products not only allows them to be kept securely off the ground, away from water and debris but also provides drainage and circulation, keeping them fresh. Our team also palletized products by style or color, to ensure faster turnaround of delivery vehicles.
Each of our locations is designed as an efficient pick-and-send warehouse because we specialize in order fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands.
Inventory is primarily held in warehouse secure storage to ensure that every order is shipped as soon as possible. Our software then guides pickers through the aisles, calculating the most efficient route automatically.
The pallet container handling system also employs a combination of weight, visual, and barcode checks to assist the team in selecting and packing the appropriate items.

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We're well connected with both of our warehouse facilities across Greater Manchester.

Track Everything Online

Online Tracking For Your Customers

We’re well connected with both of our warehouse facilities across Greater Manchester. With locations near the ship canal, Manchester airport, and the M60, we have access to all major modes of transport and trading routes.

We email the customer a special link to ControlPort, an online portal customized with your logo, so they can follow the order’s progress in real-time after we receive an order from your online store.

They will be informed precisely when their order has been selected, packed, labeled, and shipped. They can start returns and track shipping services using ViewPort.

ControlPort offers the kind of eCommerce customer experience that keeps customers coming back for more because it is practical and simple to use.