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Navigating Through Challenges:

Our Journey to Excellence Highlighted by Manchester Evening News

Discover how MSL (UK) LTD overcame the challenges of the pandemic, executed a major move, and continued to deliver exceptional services. Learn more about our story and the array of services we offer,


In the face of adversity, it’s the strength of character that defines us. It is with great pride that we share an article published by the Manchester Evening News, showcasing our resilience and dedication to providing excellent eCommerce fulfilment services even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Relocation Journey

MSL (UK) Ltd, as a leading Third Party Logistics provider (3PL), has always prided itself on offering an extensive range of services to the warehousing and distribution sector, both nationally and internationally. The global pandemic was a significant hurdle, but it didn’t deter us from our path. Under the visionary leadership of Adeel Ashraf, we took a bold step to relocate from our old site in Oldham to a new HQ at Trafford Park, which allowed us to expand and develop further. Relocating over 15,000 pallets of goods while maintaining our 3PL services for our customers was a daunting task. But our team, brimming with determination, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They put in long hours and used their expertise to make the relocation as seamless as possible. This endeavor not only proved our ability to overcome challenges but also revealed a newfound sense of resilience within us.

Pallet Storage Centre and Warehousing in Manchester UK

Interested in learning more about our relocation journey and the services we provide?

Check out the full article on the: Manchester Evening News website

Expanding Our Services

Our journey didn’t end there. We expanded our e-commerce fulfilment services to assist both small and large customers with their online orders. This move further diversified our service range, which includes pick-and-pack, re-work, distribution, document archiving, and secure storage.

Investing in Technology

MSL UK extends its wide range of services including order processing, real-time inventory tracking, accurate picking and packing, innovative ControlPort platform for easy management, a comprehensive domestic network, and a state-of-the-art international fulfilment center. In addition, it underscores the significance of warehouse security for e-commerce businesses, ensuring protection of inventory, data security, operational continuity, legal compliance, insurance requirements, and brand reputation, and provides top-tier, secure pallet storage services and warehousing solutions.
The firm has been investing in cutting-edge technology and equipment like warehouse management systems and automation to enhance the volume and quality of e-commerce fulfilment. Plans are underway to automate warehousing procedures like receiving, storing, and picking products with robotics to boost efficiency and reduce errors. Clients opting for MSL can concentrate on their core business as the expert team at MSL manages everything from inventory management to order fulfilment. MSL is also strategically located near Manchester’s commercial hub, providing easy access from major trade and transport routes. MSL UK Ltd, seemingly a close affiliate, offers analogous services with a focus on streamlining e-commerce operations.

A One-Stop-Shop for Complete 3PL Services

As a one-stop-shop for complete 3PL services, we offer a broad range of services, including an enterprise-level WMS system, e-commerce fulfilment with EDI/API integration via a secure online management portal, pick & pack, re-work, labelling, return and inspection, container handling, hassle-free warehousing operations, pallet storage and transportation, and document scanning and archiving


In conclusion, our journey, as highlighted by the Manchester Evening News, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving our clients and overcoming challenges. Our continued investment in technology and service enhancement ensures that we can deliver top-tier eCommerce fulfilment services, regardless of the obstacles we face.

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